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start a painting business

✔ Initial Set-Up- What is the minimum needed to start

✔ Finding Clients- Free and simple ways to get your first clients 

✔ Estimate- Appearance, Calculating and Closing

✔ Profit- Rates and Costs

Hey there... I'm Joseph Frank and I help painting entrepreneurs launch and scale their business to 6 and 7 figures.

2015 I started a painting business using everything that I've learned in the 20+ years I've been in the painting field.. 


By 2016 I earned over a million dollars with my proven systems and also helped my family out financially. 

2017 I started Good House Painting to teach you how to do exactly what I did for my fathers painting business to reach these financial goals.



What I teach here on my blog is based on the experiences ​and skills I've gained from growing that business from a $346.40 investment... 

To a multi-million dollar business with thousands of leads and hundreds of customers a year!

Skip 20 years of making mistakes, skip the headaches and check out my articles to learn daily.

​​Resourcefulness has been the
#1 key to success... 

The good new is the painting industry is just now starting become a super professional business and not just for high school drop outs. 


There is plenty of room in the boat to jump in and make BIG BUCKS.

Since I have a successful business, I don't need to 'sell you' how to succeed at building a painting business .. And that's why all my information is honest, real value.

You can access all my articles on starting a painting business below.

Enjoy... And leave me a comment on a blog post if you have any questions about the tactics or strategies covered.. 

I'm happy to help clarify when needed.


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How to Start a Painting Business

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