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8 Questions a Painting

Business Should Ask

Every Client Before a Job


Before estimating a paint job, it is best to acquire quality clients by filtering out the tire kickers with a series of questions. This is sometimes referred to as Pre-positioning a lead. This process also helps tremendously with your marketing R.O.I. (return on investment) and scheduling hiccups. Start a painting business and be like the top pros and ask questions. Here are 8 must ask questions.

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How did you hear about us?

This is one of the very first questions you should be asking your customers.  Client acquisition is key to optimizing your marketing efforts. How did you acquire this lead? Was it organic? Paid? A specific page on your website? Keeping track of your referral sources will help with your R.O.I. (return on investment)

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What is your schedule like?

The goal is to establish their schedule and your schedule up-front, so you know what days and hours you’re working. Do they have children who will need the home after school? Getting this type of info hammered out will prevent schedule roadblocks and stress.


What made you select us over the other painting companies?

Knowing why your clients chose you over the others is crucial to optimizing your lead generation campaigns. If they decided to go with you due to your customer service or your quality of work, you now know where to emphasize in your business model.  

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Have you worked with any painting companies in the past?

This is a good way to find out what your competition is doing right or wrong. You can gather intel and ideas on ways to improve your business model. Did the other painting company always show up late? Maybe they made a complete mess or overcharged.  Use this info to leverage your sales process to suit their wants, concerns, and needs.


May we take photos of the projects before and after?

I have been to 6000 sq.ft. estimates that took 45-60 minutes of measuring and presenting only to find out the owners wishes for me to not take any pictures. Subcontractors and employees need to see the job in detail before just throwing them in the ring. To avoid this, ask if you can take some extra time to draw the layout of the project on paper.


Who will be my main point of contact for this job?

Sometimes the husband will do the talking and paying but the wife will do the decision making with paint colors and schedule.  Knowing who you’re supposed to be communicating with will help avoid confusion and delays on your project, and will keep things moving smoothly throughout the painting process. Plus, your customers will be pleased with your attention to detail.


What are your primary goals?

Knowing your client's expectations and goals before beginning any work is key to producing satisfactory end results. Maybe the customer wants something bold to wow the neighbors or maybe something light and cozy in the living room for guests. Not asking this question can lead to misunderstanding and frustration.


How will we deal with access?

Build trust with your client by showing concern for your accessing of the property. Whether it be a neighborhood home, a commercial property or an apartment building, there will be time restrictions and barriers that must be discussed. Will they need to give your project manager a key?  Perhaps there is a keycode needed to gain access.

Asking key questions will show your authority in your field as well as your attention to detail. Test the questions to see which ones work best and tailor them to fit your sales efforts. Keep a copy of your clients answers in their files and bring their needs and wants up in future communications.

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