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Thank you for coming to our website. My name is Joe Frank, at Good House Painting, we make sure all of our website content is valuable and actionable. No fluff. 

We take pride in informing other painting contractors around the world on how, when, where, what and why. Getting you the correct information fast is crucial to your painting business.

I started in the painting business when I was 13 years old with my father. He taught me the basics. After high school, I implemented systems into the business to scale our leads, prospects and clients. My father did not want to make any changes to the business model but I didn't want him working to the bone till he was 85. 

So I researched, studied and tested Marketing, Sales, Production and Administrative systems till I had the exact business model I needed to scale my fathers painting business.


That year we brought in over $1,000,000 in revenue, and $200,000 of that was PROFIT!

No doubt it was exciting times. How did I do this?

"With a step by step proven process that works every time for any person anywhere."

Well since then I've been able to duplicate the exact same process I used in my fathers business for others to use in their painting business.

The painting business industry is BOOMING, at over 40 billion annually in just the U.S. alone.👍

Its not easy to become a successful painting contractor but it is simple.

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