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Workers Compensation for Painting Contractors

Make sure your employees are covered with workers compensation insurance..

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Wall Painting 101 | How to Paint Walls

Painting walls? Well, you found the right place. There are a lot of different types of walls..

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How to Hire Quality Painters for Your Painting Company

Whether you are hiring w-2 employees or subcontractors, hiring painters..

Estimating a Paint Job in 5 Simple Steps

Estimating a Paint Job in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Production Rate

  2. Measure & Count

  3. Paint & Material Cost

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Why Start a Painting Business and How to Get Started

Follow 4 basic steps to start a painting business


6 Ways Painting Contractors can Keep Busy in Winter

Don't go on hiatis like most painting contractors this winter. Leverage these 6 tips.

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How to Get Painting Contracts

As for painting contractors, we all know that word of mouth is the best way to acquire new pa..

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Your Painting Companies Logo in 3 Steps

Find out what makes a good logo for your painting business


How long Does it Take to paint a Room

After 25 years of hands on experience in the painting trade I have collaborated data to..


Why Your Painting Company Name Can Impact Your Business

Data shows that your painting company name is a major factor in a clients decision to buy..


Everything a Painting Business Needs to Know About an EIN

What is an EIN?

Do I need an EIN for my business?

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Winmax Launches New Line of Interior Stains

Sherwin-Williams recently introduced the Minwax Performance Series


4 Simple Steps to Forming an LLC for a Painting Business

A limited Liability Company makes a persons financial liability limited to a fix sum, most commonly the..

Best Graco Magnum AirlessPaint Sprayers

What Airless Paint Sprayer is Best For Your Painting Company

When selecting an airless paint sprayer there is a lot to choose from. It can be difficult to tell...

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How to Paint a Room in

5 Steps

Painting a room seems easy but it’s not. Unless your or your client's standards are low..

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How to Open a Bank Account for a Painting Business

1. Pick a Bank  2. prepare Paperwork  3. Open an account online or in-person  4. Verify..


Painting License Information

A painting license is a certificate of proof that your painting business is registered and recognized by the 

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Do Painters Need Insurance

Read this article if your planning on starting a painting company..

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8 Questions a Painting business Should Ask Every Client Before a Job

The best way to acquire quality clients that will last a lifetime is to have a series of questions to filter.. 

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