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What Airless Paint Sprayer is Best

For Your Painting Company

When selecting an Graco Magnum airless paint sprayer there is a lot to choose from. It can be difficult to tell which one best suits your companies needs. In this article learn what type of paint sprayer is right for your company, product details and price comparisons.


This article features Graco Paint Sprayers, they are a leading airless sprayer brand. Check out the $10k Paint Sprayer at the end of this article.

Airless Paint Sprayer
Best Graco Magnum AirlessPaint Sprayers
project painter

DIY Painters

Part-Time Painters

Top rated airless paint sprayers

The Project Painter Plus is great for beginners and DIY painters. Super light and easy to use. This airless paint sprayer is only meant to be used on small interior and exterior projects. If your a growing painting company skip this sprayer and get something with more power. Recommended annual usage is approximately 50 gallons per year and it can
spray directly from 1 or 5-gal. paint container. The compact design provides storage space for storing the spray gun and extra tips. This is definitely a good paint sprayer for beginners.

Farm & Fleet- 4.6 stars / 429 reviews / $229.99

Home Depot- 4.4 stars / 789 reviews / $239

Amazon- 4.1 stars / 416 reviews / $239

Graco- 4.5 stars / 471 reviews / $269


DIY Painters

Paint-Time Painters

Small Residential

best paint sprayer for beginners

The X5 is perfect for small interior and exterior jobs. Graco suggests using on a quarterly basis, so don’t go running this airless paint sprayer 24/7. Sprays 0.27 gallons per minute with a 1/2 HP motor. Get a 1-year warranty with your sprayer. Fully adjustable Pressure Control and a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI. 25 ft of hose. This is probably one of the best paint sprayers for beginners.

Farm & Fleet- 4.7 stars / 540 reviews / $249.99

Home Depot- 4.5 stars / 964 reviews / $299

Amazon- 4.3 stars / 512 reviews / $239

Graco- 4.6 stars / 467 reviews / $319


Small Residential

top 5 airless paint sprayers

If your a painter with a helper or small crew the X7 airless paint sprayer is probably perfect for you. It kicks out some pretty serious paint without breaking the bank. It also sits up high so you can spray right out of a 5-gallon bucket. Delivers 15% more output than the X5 sprayer. Has auto prime to reduce debris problems. Supports a larger tip size for heavier coatings. The recommended annual usage is 125 gallons per year. Another runner up for the best paint sprayer for beginners.

Farm & Fleet- 4.7 stars / 244 reviews / $329

Home Depot- 4.4 stars / 648 reviews / $389

Amazon- 4.5 stars / 299 reviews / $389

Graco- 4.7 stars / 209 reviews / $419


Small Residential

Small Commercial

Residential & Commercial

graco magnum paint sprayers

This innovative sprayer is ideal for tackling any interior project, small commercial jobs, and large homes. Replace the pump on the job with no tools and use longer hose lengths to be more productive. The ProX 17 airless paint sprayer can spray un-thinned paint. The pump can be replaced easily, with no tools. It provides 10% more output than the X7. Also, it can support up to 150 ft. hose lengths. I love this machine, it's a top rated painting sprayer.


Magnum ProX19 Electric Airless Sprayer

Large Residential

Small Commercial

Residential & Commercial

best paint sprayers

Spray like a pro with the Graco Magnum ProX19 stand airless paint sprayer. Designed with more performance, the ProX19 stand is the heavy-duty choice for the handyman, remodeling contractor, property maintenance person, or residential or small painting contractor with frequent (twice-a-month) painting needs. Provides 12% more output than the Magnum ProX7. Ideal for interiors or exteriors, rental properties, and light commercial work.

Home Depot- 4.7 stars / 31 reviews / $619

Portland Compressor-  / $619

Graco- 4.6 stars / 19 reviews / $619

Amazon- 4.0 stars / 27 reviews / $659


Large Residential

Small Commercial

Residential & Commercial

whats the best paint sprayer

The Graco 390 is a solid workhorse built for the professional just “starting out”. Light-weight and portable, at only 30 pounds, it's easy to lift and carry. The Graco 390 is an exceptional sprayer for residential jobs and is a great value in small electric sprayers. It has an endurance pump with long-life V-Max packings, Chromex rod, and hardened stainless steel cylinder.
Also a quick access intake valve to easily clean or clear debris.

Amazon- 3.5 stars / 8 reviews / $850

Sherwin Williams- 5 stars / 1 review / $799


Large Residential

Large Commercial

Residential & Commercial

Some New Construction

advanced paint sprayer

The Ultra 395 PC's reliability and performance have made it Graco's most popular small electric sprayer. Proven technology and design make it perfect for professionals who daily spray a wide range of coatings. Outfitted with the proven Graco Endurance Pump, these pumps feature long life V-Max Blue Packings, a Chromex Rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder. The hammer access inlet valve makes it easy to clean and/or clear debris. This sprayer is great for all of the common household materials, including latex, primers, stains, lacquers, enamels and more.

Amazon- 4.7 stars / 7 reviews / $1,251

Portland Compressor-  / $1,079


All new Construction

Residential & Commercial

Some New Construction

paint sprayers for commercial painting

With a 2.4 hp brushless DC motor and the ability to spray up to 1.2 gallons per minute, the Ultra Max II 1095 is the industry standard for the large residential and commercial contractor who sprays a wide variety of coatings. The advantage drive system is quiet and has a lifetime guarantee. With the easy out pump filter not a lot of paint is lost when removing the filter.

Amazon- $5,919

JN Equipment- $4,809


Graco King Airless Industrial Coatings Sprayers

All new Construction

Residential & Commercial


Pittsburgh Spray Equip- $9,180

JN Equipment- $10,320

Graco King pressure air-operated airless sprayers provide long-lasting durability that boosts your productivity. It easily handles the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control materials.

The Graco King pneumatic airless sprayers are the most powerful machines for protective coatings. It’s designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions and easily handle the toughest protective coatings and corrosion control applications. The sprayer has 10 different ratios available.

The powerful new air motor lets you use multiple guns with almost no perceivable pulsation. A new manifold has been designed to simplify the installation of multiple guns. Not recommended for a beginner paint sprayer.

paint sprayer for new construction


The ProX 19 is by far the best bang for the buck. It will get most painting companies through their jobs. Obviously if your company sprays all day everyday you want to go with the Graco King Some of these airless paint sprayers can get rather expensive. Quality is valuable when it comes to running a painting business. Having a airless paint sprayer fail on you, and having to repair it or buy a new one isn’t worth the hassle. As with all equipment, maintenance is key. All of these paint sprayers will run amazingly as long as they are kept up. 

If your planning to Start a Painting Business an airless paint sprayer can really speed up your production. 


I hope this article gave you valuable information for making your selection on which airless paint sprayer is best for your painting company.

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