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6 Ways Painting Contractors

Can Keep Busy In The Winter

Celebrating the holidays, engaging in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are great winter activities. Sadly, exterior painting isn't covered in this list. With freezing temperatures and the precipitation, most painting contractors take a hiatus from exterior painting during the winter months. While most painting contractors ease back during these boring 3 months, they end up losing profits. Though it's not easy to recoup for the business lost during this time, there are a number of ways that painting contractors can observe and refocus their business model in order to keep busy against the cold weather.

1. Focus On Interior Painting

This one's clearly evident. Redirect your business and marketing efforts toward interior painting. Though this tends to bring in a little less money than exterior work, it's an excellent way to build customer connections, stay on top of mind, and keep your team busy. Feature your most recent interior work on social media and review sites, and reach out to former customers to see if they need any touch-ups. This is the best time of the year to Paint Interior Rooms.

2. Connect With Apartment Complex’s

One way to generate more interior painting jobs is to market to apartment complexes. Given the high demand for these jobs, you can offer a lower rate for your services and still make a reasonable profit. The key is to retain talent and ensure your team doesn't hibernate all winter long. Small apartment repaints during the winter will keep your painters ready for the next spring.

3. Consentrate On Marketing

Slower business in the winter allows you time to master marketing for your painting business. Take this period to put more effort into your marketing campaign. Go through your web pages and improve your search engine optimization (SEO) by incorporating better keywords and internal linking. Create and update past company newsletters. Put some work into that blog you've been neglecting. If you don’t have a blog please start one asap. Maybe you will come up with new ways to get painting contracts. When it comes to promoting your business, there's no overkill.

4. Paint As A Subcontractor

Keep busy by looking for subcontractor work in your area. I know it’s not fun to a step backward but the extra income helps.Big home improvement companies are often in need of professional painters, yielding you with an excuse to do some extra painting over winter.

5. Lower Your Rates

Try decreasing your prices to acquire new clients. Offer "winter discounts" on your website and promote the reduced prices on social media and on your email newsletters. Not only does this bring in business, but customers will remember you in the busy season for your exceptional customer value.

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6. Hang Holiday Lights And Decorations

Get in the holiday spirit and help dazzle people's lives by hanging holiday lights. Most people don't love withstanding the cold to put up their lights, and this presents a huge audience for contractors. Teach your team on light installation, create prints, and advertise your services to your most valued clients. Keep your team occupied, get new leads for painting, staining, window cleaning, and other services that you offer throughout the year.

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