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Why Your

Painting Company Name

Impacts Your Business

Data shows that your painting company name is a major factor in a clients decision to buy. A catchy name that's easy to remember and spell is a sure fire way to get noticed fast. There are a lot of great painting company names to choose from so take your time. A study ran on 300 companies over 3 years showed that more than 70% of the time a client is more attracted to a catchy, short and concise business name than a long, hard to pronounce name. If you want to start a painting business with a painting company name that turns heads read further.

Check to see if your painting business name is already taken

This is the most important tip for naming your painting company. There's no point in going through the stressful process of choosing a name just to find out that the name is already taken.

Do a Google search for your name and see if any other companies have already taken it. You may need to fiddle with the structure of the name a little to find what you want. You can also go to your Secretary of the State website and search the business registration results.

Make sure a domain name is available

In this day and age having a website is key to growing your painting business. The second most important tip for naming your painting company is to check if the domain name is available. Having your domain name the exact same as your Painting company name is extremely helpful with your online presence. In fact, keeping your company information 100% consistent across all platforms online and offline is key to growth. It helps with SEO (search engine optimization), Google maps, and makes you super easy to find. You can easily check if the name of your painting company is available through hosting websites like and


Use the word, “Painting or Painters” in your name

Another really important tip is to make sure to use the words, Painting or Painter” in your name. You want your audience to instantly know what you do when they see your name. I see a lot of Painting Company Names like, “Jacksons Coatings”, or “Wallcoverings” but it’s too broad. A painting company name like, “On Point Painting”, or “Brushworks Painting”, is much more apparent. Also be sure to make the word “painting” really visible either by size or color. Your audience needs to see your painting company name from far away on your vehicle, signs, and advertisements.

Make your painting Company name easy to spell and pronounce

Same reason why people often shorten their real name or adopt nicknames is the same reason your paint company name needs to be easy to spell and pronounce. Only use 1-3 words and keep them short. Your painting companies name should be spell and pronounce and read

Don’t use your first name

Using your name in your painting company might make it tough to expand. Your clients will expect you to be the one doing the work.

Test your painting company name

Gather up as many names for your painting company you can and present them to friends or loved ones to see which names stick out to them.

good painting business name

Naming your painting business with a name generator

Use a name generator to get ideas for naming your painting company. There's a bunch to choose from, just google search “business name generator” and have a ball. I simplified this for you though and listed the 3 top generators for finding your painting company name fast. Sometimes using a name business name generator is a great way to find the best painting business names.


Ideas of Good Painting Company Names

  • Action painting

  • Enhanced Painting

  • Painting Guys

  • Painting Boss

  • Demand Painting

  • Applied Painting

  • Vision Painting

  • Valley Painting

  • Zoom Painting Services

  • Absolute Painting

  • Painting Academy

  • Velocity Painting

  • Accent Painting Company

  • Focused Painting

  • Crystal Clear Painting

  • Crescent Painting

  • Legacy Painting

  • Prime Painting

  • Homeland Painting

  • Diverse Painting

  • Northwest Painting

Hopefully this article helps you select the best painting company names to test and check. Take your time naming your painting company. Consider taking a few days or more to really think hard and research so you get the best results. One day your idea might sound amazing then the next it might not so let your mind go through the process.d edit me. It's easy.

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